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I have been collecting kits for a while and then about six years ago got really serious about it as I had a lot and decided I wanted to try and get every single kit from when I began following the team until present. I’m not that far off... I may run out of room though...

I chose these kits for a reason. First up is the Home kit from 1994 season, that’s the first season I started to follow the team. The season prior is when I finally decided to see what my dad was yelling about at 3:30am then the rest is history.

Then of course the kit Juve wore in 1996 when they last hoisted the Champions League trophy. An iconic kit and this represents one of my favourite Juve sides ever!

Buffon... not much else needs to be said as for me he’s the greatest ever but this particular kit is from 2006... we know what went down. It is symbolic to me of how truly special it was out of all the players that remained that Buffon stayed at that moment when he was labelled the best and had won the World Cup and could’ve gone anywhere he wanted that he chose to stay and help us fight back. Incredible sign of loyalty that I’ll always be grateful for.

Last but not least Chiellini... I feel he’s never got enough recognition worldwide and he’s a breed of defender that’s fading but I had a chance to meet him last summer in Los Angeles and he was amazing and made me appreciate him even more and he had to make the wall. The kit is also from 2014 when we set the record at 102 points and Chiellini was an absolute force!

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