Nicholas of The Calcio Guys

Nicholas of The Calcio Guys

Nicholas is the audio producer behind The Calcio Guys podcast, and the one who supports the team with the most Scudetti, Juventus.

He first heard about La Vecchia Signora when his Nonna brought him back a knock-off Del Piero Juventus jersey from Torino around 2003. He didn’t know much about the player or even the team at the time, but flash forward to the 2006 World Cup, after seeing ADP score the famous goal in the semis versus Germany, he knew everything he needed to know about the player.

The 2006 Alessandro Del Piero kit brings Nicholas back to the summer of ‘06 with all the celebrations, knew-found passion for soccer, and pride to be Italian.

Since then his passion for the Azzurri and Bianconeri has grown, and he often has to defend his club on the podcast, go figure.

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